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Summary: Come back when you’re 18 (or preferably 21), kid.

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Summary: You can share this page via email or social media as long as you link back to me. No republishing the info on this site anywhere else under any other name. No translations of the info on this site.

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Summary: If you give me your email, I’ll only use it to send you updates and news. But the third-party plug-ins and platform I use to make the site work might also collect your info and I have no clue what they do with it.

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Summary: I’m a random weirdo on the internet and only idiots do what a random weirdo says without question. Don’t be an idiot. Or, if you insist on being an idiot, don’t come bitching to me about it after.

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Summary: If I don’t like it, I’m deleting it.

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Summary: If it’s in the “Freebie” section, it’s fair game (tag me – I’d love to see what you make!). All other media is off-limits. Don’t be that asshole.