Welcome to Unnatural Creatures

I’m a non-fiction writer, budding fiction writer, sometimes philosophic writer, always opinionated writer, and I design stuff too. Here you’ll find tidbits about the art and craft of writing (exercises, cool websites, maybe even a few book reviews). Hopefully, at some point, there will even be finished stories!

Wait…a writing blog? WTF’s the title about then?

I’ve lived a bit of an unconventional life (you can read my origin story for more details), experiencing, doing, and being things that have been called weird, abnormal, stupid, …unnatural. After taking a few stabs at ‘normality’ (ie, living my life the way other people thought I should), I finally decided that being unnatural was my normal. So now I’m just trying to live my best and weirdest life, no matter how unnatural it may seem, and maybe encourage a few fellow unnatural creatures to enjoy a life more strange.