#5 and #6 – 28 Things I Love (that aren’t you)

I might get knocked off schedule a bit, due to a death in the family, but I’ll try my best to keep on track.

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Things I Love – Day 5


Photo © Ro Molina
(no stealing, please)

I was never a big coffee person. It tends to aggravate my stomach. I adore the smell though; back in my Starbucks days slinging fancy lattes at people, one of the highlights was cracking open a new bag of coffee beans. All the employees would crowd around as that absolutely divine aroma would just waft out of the bag. But that’s about the extent of my love for coffee.

Tea, though, is a whole different story. Yeah, yeah with coffee you have different beans from different places all over the globe and different roast styles which results in a nice variety. But tea doesn’t quit; if you’re going by the super-general definition of tea as “leaves/roots/flowers boiled in water” then you’ve got variety for days. Even if you go by the stricter definition of tea being only camellia sinensis leaves, you still get radically different flavors from different roasting techniques and all kinds of additions like scented oils (in Earl Grey) or flower petals. And that’s even before you get to fancy stuff like blooming teas.

Honestly, tea is a taste you get used to, like anything else. But hey, I love my tiny collection of teapots, the spicy smell of chai when I brew it in the morning, the caffeinated kick I get from mate, the tart taste of hibiscus flower tea (paired with rosehips and lemon peel – one of my favorite blends). My dad was actually the one who turned me on to tea. He told me once it was mankind’s original medicine. And he’s brought me some of the strangest blends, like the time he brought me tea brewed from neem leaves.

But yeah, tea’s a fun beverage with a lot of wiggle room for experimentation. And you already know that I love experimentation.

Things I Love – Day 6

Making things!

Photo © Ro Molina
(no stealing, please)

One of the biggest bummers about having lupus is the total havoc it tends to play on my joints. Until my last year at high school, my doctors diagnosed me with garden-variety arthritis, and even with the meds they gave me for that, all the joints in my fingers were puffy and swollen all the time. And I went to an arts school! Still, I stubbornly plodded through all four years (along with the help with of a billion bottles of over-the-counter painkillers) until my hair started falling out the docs never even thought to test for lupus.

But none of that stopped me from making stuff. I like crafts of all kinds really. Just last month I started learning how to crochet (my practice project is in the photo above). So far, aside from some shooting pains in my left hand now (hey I pulled my neck muscles reading one time, so this is just totally how my life is) I’m really enjoying it. It’s mindless, repetitive, and I get something pretty out of it. I’m a boring person; this is what I like in my life. It balances out all the crazy medical episodes.

For you tea-lovers out there – I’m always looking for new flavors to try. What’s on your shelf right now? And for any crafty/crocheters – is the pain thing something I need to worry about? Any good hat patterns for beginners?

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