Zzzz… – 28 Things I Love (that aren’t you)

Welcome to Day #3 of my 28 days series! If you’re visiting for the first time, you can catch up on my intro and Day #1 post here. Or can follow the tag “28thingsIlovethataren’tyou” to read everything that’s up so far. And if you decide to follow along with your own 28 Things I Love list, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to check them out!

Things I Love – Day 3


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Sleep is amazing. It ranks right up next to reading, music, and breathing on my list of favorite things to do. Pity my poor mother for having to drag my zombie ass out of bed for school and even now she makes me sound like some die-hard slacker when I tell her not to call me before 10am, always chiding me about how much more productive I’d be and how many more hours I could enjoy in my day if I just left my bed earlier.

I’m not disagreeing with her, but you can pry me from my mattress when I’m dead.

I love curling up in my blanket like a goddamned burrito, beating my pillow into a proper shape (in 2018 alone I went through five pillows trying to find one that didn’t kill my neck), and then I get to close my eyes and SHUT THE FUCK OFF. My brain shuts up (which is a minor miracle), all my body’s nagging pains and aches go away (mostly, there are times I have to pop some pain relievers), I don’t have to feel my body anymore – I can’t even express how great it is to not feel my body for a few hours.

And I get to dream (and hallucinate, but that’s another post… and I’m told I talk a lot in my sleep)! Since childhood, I’ve always dreamed a lot at night and they’re pretty varied from super boring to just all-time levels of WTFery. And as I pointed out in my Weird Science post yesterday, all my dreams, good or bad, get my curious, analytical side going, so even scary stuff doesn’t usually register in my brain as a nightmare. I mean, I had a dream once about some killer ghost similar to Samara (The Ring) and in the dream I told her that if she wanted attention she should go on American Idol, which I guess goes to show how my brain works sometimes. But stuff like that makes me eager to nose-dive into my pillow and see what other crazy shit my brain will cook up.

Finally, I get a golden 3-5 minutes when I wake up and I’m still all groggy (and my eyes and sinuses feel like sandpaper from all the dry winter air) and I’m just not fully awake yet and I don’t feel anything but awesome. Most of the time, I have to drag myself out of bed. Sleeping is awesome and even if it weren’t necessary to live, I’d still do it.

How do you feel about sleep? Do you love it? Do you avoid it? Hate it, even?

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