Weird Science – 28 Things I Love (that aren’t you)

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Things I love Day #2

Weird Science!

The anthem of mad scientist everywhere

I think when you have a chronic illness you wind up going one of two ways: you either try to squeeze yourself into the ‘normal’ mold any way you can, or you totally give up on that shit and just start doing whatever. Obviously, I chose the ‘whatever’ option and threw myself into it head-first.

I’ve always been a curious kid (much to the annoyance of my parents), but when it comes to medicine and science I tend to get a little crazy. I’ve been a part of…I don’t even remember…5? 6? Medical and research trials over the course of my adult life. I’ve donated skin, blood and god knows what else to shadowy mystery scientists the world over. For Christmas my mom got me one of those DNA kits with the health screenings included…because I need something new to be paranoid about I guess. Mostly, I was just curious what the reports would say.

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

MRI scans, biopsy reports, x-ray films…I have a stack of cd’s and dvd’s documenting my constantly changing (and breaking) body and all the attempts to fix the damned thing. I guess it could be considered a morbid fascination, but to me, it’s about better understanding what’s going on, why my body acts and reacts the way it does, why fluid sits in my joints, why it pooled up in my lungs, why my heart’s larger than normal, why my bones have fractured, why my veins swell up, what hurts and the process that makes that hurt happen.

And it’s like a journey that I’m on, with my teams of doctors (more often then not hobbled by whatever insurance company I’m with at the time) to unravel the mystery of me. Maybe it’s medical Stockholm Syndrome – I can’t leave my body, so I might as well get lost in fascination of all the ways it goes crazy and all the herbs and drugs and gels and other things that have and will be invented to cobble our wayward bodies back together.

They aren’t perfect, all these meds. Far from it, obviously, or I wouldn’t have needed a new kidney (or ridiculously thick eyeglass lenses). But there’s always that hope for the future and I love that. Reading about all the nifty, cool, and keen inventions people are tinkering with (like 3D-printed organs and bras that detect cancer) is both a testament to how damn clever we humans can be, and it’s a beacon to a someday where our breaking bodies don’t have to break up our lives as well

What about you guys? Are you waiting for lab-bred zombie sheep-monkeys? Would you be first in line for cybernetics and 3d-printed organs? I totally would. What’s your brand of weird science?

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