28 Things I Love (that aren’t you)

Happy February people! The “official” month of love (coughcoughfuckamatonormativitycoughcough) – and my birthday month.

Now, if you’ve ever talked to me for more than seven minutes, you’ll probably hear that I’m not a romantic. I’m a right black-hearted curmudgeon to be honest and I think the notion that the only worthwhile, valid love is romantic love is just…borrrrriiinnnggg. So this month, every day(ish) I’m going to talk about something I love. Funny anecdotes will be provided for your reading amusement.

Things I love – Day #1

Bad Movies

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I’ll be the first to admit I have terrible taste. That’s why I never do the “what’s your favorite band/movie/book/etc” memes on my Facebook page. In fact, my musical taste has been proven to cause headaches to at least one of my pals (you know who you are) and I’ve been banned from picking music during road trips. And I might have traumatized someone with repeated viewing of Pink Flamingos while in college. Anyway…

Bad movies are fun, goofy, take themselves way too seriously, or not seriously in the slightest – which make them fun to laugh at with your friends. A lot of “bad” movies are actually way better then people give them credit for.

That’s why when I found the YouTube channel GoodBadFlicks*, the heavens parted, angels sang (this number from The Pest), and my eyes contemplated going on strike. Because behind-the-scenes info and background on ALL my favorite bad movies are there, plus a ton more movies I’ve never even heard of. I can’t think of a better way to kick off my birthday month.

Anybody else have a bad movie they secretly love? I won’t tell anybody.

*Full disclosure – this post was not in any way paid for by YouTube or GoodBadFlicks. I just think they’re cool.

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