Software Review: Atomic Scribbler

I have a confession to make: my favorite part of Nano isn’t the actual writing, or the prizes if you win, or the community. As awesome as all those things are, my favorite part of Nano is finding new writing software to play with.

And this year the Nano forums have delivered some great new programs to road test and one of these is the totally-free Atomic Scribbler.

If you’re familiar with Scrivener, you’ll recognize the layout in Atomic Scribbler. The default screen is separated into three areas: a folder-based navigation view, the main writing window and right sidebar where you can view notes.

From the top toolbar you can toggle between your document, story fragments and your research. You can open multiple documents from all the sections into the middle window and convenient tabs at the top will help you see at-a-glance what’s there.

When you download AS you get a demo file to play around with before plugging in your own projects and the website has a forum, blog and tutorials to help you out if you get stuck.

All-in-all it’s a simple, clean program with a lot of the features that make Scrivener so popular. And for free, it’s definitely worth a try. Download it today at : Atomic Scribbler

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