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It’s been a while hasn’t it? My last official post was back on…wow, March 17th. I say “official” because I have around 6 posts started since then, all little more than jumbles of run-ons and unfinished sentences and paragraphs that just trail off. It’s been ridiculously hard to cobble together any kind of brain functionContinue reading “chrysalis”

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Tea and Paranoia

CW: COVID-19If you’d like some reassuring words from a sexy soothing voice, might I suggest this audio from Jack of Splathouse Fic. He also does erotic audios and, well, horny-scared is better than just scared right? I’m writing this at 5am and I’ve been drifting in and out of waking since about 2, when IContinue reading “Tea and Paranoia”

No Excuse to Not Art

Whew, since things got a little intense for me while writing Dangerous Potential, I wanted to post something fun. I grew up around art. My Mom studied Fashion Design in her teens and it was not only a blast to run around in her awesome 70’s outfits (my fav had to be an orange bellbottomContinue reading “No Excuse to Not Art”

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Livin' In Paradox

CW : Brief mention of suicidal ideation My Mom came by today wanting my help in putting together an appeal to one of our fair city’s many “public” institutions. She was flustered and obviously frustrated and since writing thinly veiled passive-aggressive threats at institutions is like 90% of my life at this point (disability, y’all),Continue reading “Livin' In Paradox”

Dangerous Potential

This post was inspired by A leaf on the motherfucking wind on Love Is A Fetish. Nikki is one of the fabulous hosts of FetChat, a weekly open forum discussing all things kink and also one of the minds behind the FY! newsletter, a free newsletter about “sex, science, love, and community”. Read the site,Continue reading “Dangerous Potential”

Aro through the Heart

So Aromantic Awareness Week started back on Monday and I’d been kicking around the idea of writing something for it. Even did a Twitter poll, which got way more attention then I thought it would, and then my brain wouldn’t shut up about it, so here brain, I’m doing the thing, okay? Let me sleepContinue reading “Aro through the Heart”

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Touch Starved

Content Warning: Detailed (but super brief) descriptions of icky medical things and childhood abuse, section marked with ** We’re in the back of this french bakery doing Ro’s Birthday Celebration pt. 2 (of infinity). Big platters take up the entire table and those are covered with an assortment of little white plates daubed with smearsContinue reading “Touch Starved”

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No, I'm not a good person

One time a cousin of mine, while discussing her college plans said she wanted to get a degree in philosophy. Usually I’m all for doing what interests you, but even I couldn’t resist snorting into my soda and telling her that philosophy was probably the only major even more useless than English. And I saidContinue reading “No, I'm not a good person”


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