I’m Ro, freelancer, writer, visual artist and all-around maker of random creative things. Unnatural Creatures will be the (eventual) home base for my art, writing, rambling musings and other non-professional projects (ie, the fun stuff).

First thing’s first:

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Warning, this website is not meant for minors
Can I see some ID please?

Posts and media may contain mature subjects not suitable for minors. By viewing this website, you hereby confirm that you are of legal adult age in your country.

What you’ll find here:

  • Ranty blog posts with rampant, free-range opinions. Warning: here there be dragons
  • Whatever interesting stuff I dredge up from the corners of the internet
  • Fresh-baked, home-made arts for sale, along with info about live shows and sales
  • FREEBIES! (Be honest; who doesn’t like that?)

Where to start:

The blog is under constant construction, so there’s not much up yet. Want to know where I got my stock photos? Want to link to a post or use my artwork on your site? Read the blog rules here for all the behind-the-scenes info. Or you can follow me on social media for random shitposting and website updates.