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Aro through the Heart

So Aromantic Awareness Week started back on Monday and I’d been kicking around the idea of writing something for it. Even did a Twitter poll, which got way more attention then I thought it would, and then my brain wouldn’t shut up about it, so here brain, I’m doing the thing, okay? Let me sleepContinue reading “Aro through the Heart”

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

Touch Starved

Content Warning: Detailed (but super brief) descriptions of icky medical things and childhood abuse, section marked with ** We’re in the back of this french bakery doing Ro’s Birthday Celebration pt. 2 (of infinity). Big platters take up the entire table and those are covered with an assortment of little white plates daubed with smearsContinue reading “Touch Starved”

image of man with white beard, holding a sign that reads "Seeking Human Kindness"
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No, I'm not a good person

One time a cousin of mine, while discussing her college plans said she wanted to get a degree in philosophy. Usually I’m all for doing what interests you, but even I couldn’t resist snorting into my soda and telling her that philosophy was probably the only major even more useless than English. And I saidContinue reading “No, I'm not a good person”